Cool New Ways To Flaunt The Eyeliner In 2023

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​Eyeliner application is going through an abundance of innovation. While extended feline flicks are assuredly here to stay, eyeliner will continue to warrant double takes or bring a resurgence of romantic goth.

​Whether you want to wear a different coloured pencil or finally get the shape of the winged tip just right, keep scrolling for a round-up of all the different ways you can wear eyeliner looks:

​1. Double winged + rhinestone

​Dua Lipa’s OTT double-winged eyeliner replete with rhinestones and sparkly eyeshadow tops the list. To make an impact, the second winged line is started at the bottom lash line. This is done with a white eyeliner.

​2. Two Ways

​What's better than one application of eyeliner? Two. This doubled-up liner look gives excellent definition to the eyes and enhances the crease as well.

​3. Neon play

​Neon eyeliner might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but after seeing this liner, it's certainly something that will be fuelling our creativity. Notice how the eyeliner starts at the inner eye area and then picks back up at the outer lash line for an abstract feel that's very cool.

​4. Longer than ever

​Make your liners super dramatic by extending them all the way up to the end of your brows. The eyeliner is sharply pointed and totally versatile; you can wear it with both glam and casual ensembles.

​5. Stiletto wing

​Like a thin, stiletto, this wing isn't as thick as the usual shapes we see yet still adds enough drama to the eyes without needing much else.

​6. Team two-toned

​Add the surprise of a second colour to your standard black eyeliner by applying it under the bottom lashes for contrast. The pop of pink and classic black work well together, creating a nice contrast.

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