The Newest Eye Makeup Trends To Try RN

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​High-impact eye makeup looks are beauty aficionados' favourites. Whether it is a pop of colour, graphic liners or shimmer, let your eyes do all the talking. Here’s how celebrities are acing the new eye makeup trends:

​1. Frosted Nineties Eyes

​The frosted nineties eyeshadow look centres around cool-toned shades like lavender, lilac, icy blue, mint, silver and pale pink in metallic finishes. It's playful and offers wearable ways to make your makeup a little more interesting.

​2. Bejewelled Eyes

​Rhinestones have reclaimed their spot as trendy eye accessories for makeup. Whether the gemstone makeup trend is related to Y2K trends or Euphoria, this makeup look is back in full force.

​3. Reverse Cat Eyes

​Under-eye eyeliner is back and better than ever. Whether you make the lines smudgy or sharp, this eyeliner trend is a bold look that can be really flattering.

​4. Siren Eyes

​Typically, siren eyes have a wing that extends far out in both directions, with a pointy inner corner and oftentimes, darkened waterlines. And most celebs are really hooked on this trend.

​5. Butterfly Eyes

​While this eye makeup could be really colourful, we love Hailey Bieber’s minimal yet elegant take on the butterfly eye makeup trend - with the tiny blue wings, and shimmery inner corners to the shine on the upper lids.

​6. Glitter Eyes

​Glitter eye makeup in all its forms and shapes is having a moment. It’s a subtle way of adding something to your normal makeup routine.

​7. Colour Popping Eyes

​The bold pops of colour on the eyes are all the rage at the moment. If you're looking for a range of colours, opt for the brightest ever for an envy-inducing look.

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