8 Times Bollywood Celebs Took A Dig At KJo On His Own Show ‘Koffee With Karan’

Instagram/Karan Johar

​Kangana Ranaut

​In the rapid-fire round when Karan asked Kangana if she would rather find true love and be poor or be rich and single, she said, “Your idea of poverty is very different from my idea of poverty.”

Instagram/Kangana Ranaut

​Anushka Sharma

​When Karan tried to convince Anushka that Arjun Kapoor has feelings for her, “Do you know that Arjun is besottedly in love with you?”, Anushka replied, “You just talk any shit on your show.”

Instagram/Anushka Sharma

​Twinkle Khanna

​Karan quizzed Twinkle Khanna, “What is that Akshay has and Khans of Bollywood don’t?”, to which she replied, “A few extra inches.” This was followed by Karan staring at Akshay’s crotch to which Twinkle said, “Don't look at his crotch. I meant his feet. You always have your mind in other people's crotches.”

Instagram/Twinkle Khanna

​Twinkle Khanna

​In the same episode, when Karan asked Twinkle about the meanest thing she’s heard about her writing, she was quick enough to say, “People said that Karan is the new Mrs Funnybones. That hurt me as I didn’t want my standards to go so down.”

Instagram/Twinkle Khanna

​Aamir Khan

​When Karan asked Aamir about the one thing he dislikes about the industry, Mr Perfectionist had the perfect reply, “Your show.” We bet KJo wasn't prepared for this!

Instagram/Aamir Khan Productions


​In one of the episodes, Karan asked Kajol who needs a crash course in acting, and Kajol didn’t mince words, “It’s you Karan!”


​Mira Rajput

​Nobody saw it coming! Mira turned the tables and asked Karan to rank in order of talent and didn’t include Shahid Kapoor in the list. To this, Shahid asked why he is not on the list. Mira had the best comeback, “Because Karan never asks, he never mentions you in any of his lists.” That left Karan speechless.

Instagram/Mira Rajput

​Farah Khan

​During one of the episodes, when Karan asked Farah about her sex life, she asked everyone to stand up and observe a moment of silence. When Karan asked if it is for her sex life, she had the sassiest response, “For yours, we will have to stand for the whole show.”

Instagram/Farah Khan

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