Meet These 7 Skinfluencers To Make The Right Beauty Decisions

Instagram/Natasha Patel

​A maze of skincare products surrounds us, and we are constantly on the look out for the right skin fix. In response, a new crop of skin enthusiasts has emerged - called 'skinfluencers' on the Internet. Here are who you need to follow:

​1. Vasudha Rai

​Vasudha Rai's Instagram is all about ancient Indian healing practices. She's often seen teaching her audience how to use various cosmetic tools and even how to make DIY beauty projects work!

​2. Komal Basith

​Would you like to know the truth about your favourite skincare and hair care products? Trust Komal to give you that. With her reviews, you'll know the good, the bad, and the ugly about a product.

​3. Yashwant Singh

​Yashwant Singh’s Instagram is all about decoding complicated skincare terms in detail and discussing different skincare concerns.

​4. Ria Biyani

​Ria Biyani's account is a great place to find skincare content that's informative and humorous at the same time. What’s not to love about that?

​5. Isha Sutaria

​If luxury skincare is what you love, one scroll through her page is all you need to find some of the best products out there. Isha creates visually appealing content and makes them stand out.

​6. Khadija Islam

​Turn to Khadija Islam’s account for clean, conscious beauty recommendations. In addition to curating cruelty-free products, she also offers a variety of online hacks.

​7. Natasha Patel

​Natasha's account is not only full of great beauty hacks but also encourages people to love themselves just the way they are. Patel is quick to share her thoughts, reviews, recommendations and how-tos on all things beauty and skincare.

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