Beauty Briefs Remain Personal At The 2024 Grammy Awards


​Taylor Swift's Tumblr Era Continues

​The OG 'Tumblr Girl', Tay Tay borrowed from her early 2000s emo aesthetic, full with side-swept bangs and red lips, proving again that she'll always be a theatre kid inside

​Laufey's Soft Era

​The Icelandic-Chinese vocalist and Gen Z's unofficial jazz savior chose her regular 'clean girl' aesthetic of minimal makeup and lightly textured hair over experimentation for her first ever Grammy win.

​Miley Cyrus's Dolly Dreams

​Inspired by her godmother Dolly Parton and the iconic film 'Barbarella,' Miley rocked a towering bouffant that exuded deliciously OTT vibes with its impressive height and cascading layers fanned out gracefully.

​Karol G's Pastel Platinum Personality

​A sweet-as-honey acceptance speech paired with her trademark pastel pink hair and champagne makeup details marked Colombian's superstar Karol G's first win

​Gracie Adams Is A Girlie Girl

​This LA-based singer/songwriter is known to sing about love how a young girl would dream it; and her soft makeup look paired with a glossy bob is so on point with her adorable personality.

​Tyla Is Fresh As Water

​With her signature dreadlocks safe secured in the side bun, the South African Singer went for a mauve glam look for her first Grammy win of her career.

​Olivia Rodrigo Might Be In Love

​A big winner last year, Olivia decided to lay low this year while waring her signature soft raven hair and crimson pout, in line with the 'main character' energy she always exudes

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