AI Artist Recreates The Stars Of Fighter In Retro


​Hrithik Roshan

​The actor looks dapper in this AI recreated vintage image as Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania.

​Karan Singh Grover

​The actor has taken the limelight in the action packed trailer of 'Fighter'. He is looking captivating in this frame as Squadron Leader Sartaj Gill.

​Anil Kapoor

​The veteran star as Group Captain Rakesh Jai Singh that is Rocky looks dapper in this frame.

​Deepika Padukone

​The beauty looks the hottest in this AI created snap as Squadron Leader Minal Rathore.

​Vintage touch

​Artist Megalodon had used MidJourney tool to create the images of the cast of 'Fighter'. We cannot take our eyes off Karan Singh Grover. He looks striking, chiselled and is shown sitting on the floor. The envision by AI is breathtaking.

​Hrithik's rustic look

​The 'Fighter' star is shown donning a cute smile. His sartorial appearance is shown to be old-fashioned as he has sported a classy sweater and glares.

​Vintage but beautiful

​The AI snap of Deepika shows her sitting elegantly. Doesn't she look like a radiant beauty in this frame?

​Youthful frame

​Anil, in this frame is exuding young charm. His portrayal as a Group Captain in this frame is brilliant.

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