8 Crazy New Year's Eve Traditions From Around The World


​Smashing plates in Denmark

​Danes have a Danish ritual of smashing plates against their neighbours’ doors to bring good luck.

​Wear colourful underpants in South America

​In South American countries, it is believed that wearing colourful underwear will bring love, wealth, and peace in the coming year.

​Throwing furniture out of the window in Italy

​In Naples and many other parts of Italy, old furniture is thrown out of galleries. It symbolises a new start to the upcoming year.

​Tossing paper out of a window in Argentina

​The Argentines throw their old papers and documents out of the window, which symbolises moving ahead, leaving the past where it is.

​Speaking to animals in Romania

​In Romania, on New Year's, farmers spend their time talking to their animals, as it is considered a symbol of good luck.

​Burning of scarecrows in Ecuador

​You will be shocked to know that in Ecuador, scarecrows of famous people are set on fire on New Year's Eve.

​Ringing 108 Bells in Japan

​People in Japan welcome the New Year by ringing 108 bells to ward off evil. It is believed that this way, one is cleared of sins.

​Eating grapes in Spain

​It is believed in Spain that eating 12 grapes brings good luck in the New Year.

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