8 Best Podcasts For Your Ears


​If OTT and TV and YT are not your bae, tune into these podcasts. From entertainment to educational, check out these hugely popular channels that are available across all major streaming platforms.

​1. Mythpat

​If you stay on the ball when it comes to gaming, then you surely know Mithilesh Pathankar’s podcast aka Mythpat. No? Get on it asap. He brings to you fresh news from the gaming world and stuff happening in and around the Internet.

​2. On Purpose

​Yes he is dreamy but he’s also a powerful motivational speaker. Jay Shetty’s On Purpose is an engaging self-help podcast and also a vlog where he aims to help people focus more on their emotional well-being.

​3. Maed in India

​Mae Mariam Thomas’ Maed in India is for those who live, eat, breathe music. She features musicians from across India that dabble in indie music, and sometimes from other countries too.

​4. The Internet Said So

​If your life is meaningless without comedy, check out this one. The Internet Said So, a weekly podcast, features Aadar Malik, Neville Shah, Kautuk Srivastav and Varun Thakur. You can also catch them on Youtube.

​5. The Ranveer Show

​Ranveer Allahabadia’s podcast is one of the most popular ones on the internet. His podcast covers a melange of topics – from fitness and career to lifestyle and health. He’s also a popular Youtuber.

​6. Musafir Stories

​Enjoy travelling more than you can? Musafir Stories will take you across the country through their journeys. Hosted by Faiza Khan and Saif Omar, this podcast is also great for picking up travel tips and hacks.

​7. Masala Podcast

​London-based Sangeeta Pillai’s Masala Podcast is an award-winning programme and one of the best south Asian feminist platforms out there. It discusses and dissects subjects that are normally considered taboo – from sex to periods and porn to mental health. Do check this one out.

​8. Indian Noir

​Winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize, Nikesh Murali is the writer and narrator of Indian Noir – a podcast series that serves a delightful mix of dark fantasy, horror and crime stories. If you want to feel the shivers in about seven minutes and less, this is the one you need to bookmark.

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