7 Tips For Planning A Solo Trip


​Travelling alone can also be daunting, especially if you have never done it before. Keep these expert tips for solo travel handy while planning a trip.

​1. Picking a destination

​From your interest in the destination to the visa process, potential places to explore, and more, take into consider certain points before zeroing in on a destination.

​2. Visa and permission/invitation letter

​If you’re planning international travel, you may need a visa and permission/invitation letter. To find out if your trip requires a visa and other documents, you must check at the country embassy or consulate website.

​3. Managing expenses

​Travel, accommodation, food and miscellaneous - divide your budget in these four pointers, and manage expenses accordingly.

​4. Stay

​Research and get a fair idea of the stay options in the country, and book one when you land there or in advance, if the visa process requires hotel bookings.

​5. Local transport

​Check for an online cab service once you land, to get an idea of the travel cost and then enquire with the local taxi driver, to ensure they don't overcharge.

​6. Safety first

​Carry a box of basic medication, download an offline Google map, share live location with a close friend or family member, and note down taxi numbers.

​7. Local language

​There are translator apps but learning a handful of phrases in the local language can make a huge difference in how you experience a city.

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