7 Reasons To Visit Goa During Monsoon


​There is no 'bad time' to visit Goa. Let's get this straight. Goa in monsoons, which is its so-called 'off season' is beyond beautiful, courtesy the pleasant weather, lush green scenery, and waterfalls, among other elements.

​Tap ahead to read our top six reasons why you must visit Goa in monsoons.

​1. Great deals

​Compared to the peak season, the rates for everything are much cheaper in Goa during the rainy season. From transport (flights, especially) to stay, you get a good discount/deal on almost all arrangements of your trip. Plus, less crowd!

​2. Adventure

​While surfing and watersports may not be on the cards during monsoon in Goa, you can opt for white water rafting, trekking, hiking, and bird watching.

​3. Seasonal, local food

​Goa is blessed with an interesting bounty of local produce - from wild mushrooms to leafy greens. Check out local restaurants and shacks and ask them for seasonal treats. Well, many beach shacks and restaurants close down for the off-season, but some remain open to entertain the few tourists who come here for a weekend getaway. When you're the only customer in a restaurant, the chef and other staff take extra special care of you so that you may return to their restaurant for all your meals.

​4. Nature at its best

​Treat yourself to lush greenery and amazing natural wonders like waterfalls when in Goa during rainy reason. The wildlife sanctuaries here are also a must-visit during monsoon.

​5. Spice plantations

​Apart from the wildlife sanctuaries, the spice plantations in Goa too come to life during the monsoon. We suggest you take a guided tour and get to know your spices.

​6. Monsoon festivals

​Sao Joao Festival and Chikalkala (mud games) are a couple of the monsoon special festivals that are celebrated in Goa. There is also the feast of Patolleanchem that you can check out. Just make sure you know the dates of these festivals before you plan your trip.

​7. Empty Beaches

​During this season, due to less tourist crowd coming to the state, the beaches are empty and cleaner. The entire beach belongs to you - or so you may feel.

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