6 Ways To Prep Your Skin For The Monsoons

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​Increasing humidity, soaring temperatures, and heavy rains can damage the skin during monsoons, causing infections, acne, and clogged pores. However, our skincare routine just needs to be altered a bit to adapt to the current weather conditions.

​Monsoons scream for clean and hydrated skin. Your regular skincare routine may not work for your skin during the monsoons. Here's how you should change your regime with some necessary tweaks.

​1. Sunscreen Is Important

​Even if you do not see the sun in the monsoon, they still affect your skin. Don’t get cheated by the clouds, the UVA and all the UV exposure still remain the same so you need to apply your sunscreen.

​2. Switch to light skincare products

​Too much layering of products can irritate the skin and make it appear greasy and sweaty, so layering the skin with less but light-weight products help. Swapping your usual skincare products for something lighter is key during the monsoons.

​3. Choose hydrating ingredients

​Every skin type needs a moisturiser during monsoons. Moisturisers that are rich in humectants i.e. water-loving agents like glycerin and hyaluronic acid help in drawing moisture and hydration to the top layer of the skin.

​4. Use skin repair serums

​Multitasking active ingredients are worth investing in the monsoons. For oily skin, niacinamide-based serums work whereas if you have normal or combination skin, products with mandelic acid really help.

​5. Be mindful of the ingredients

​Choose skincare products with water-based formula and other actives that are not too heavy to take care of the skin concerns and are quick absorbing.

​6. Scalp Care Is Important

​Monsoons may make your hair frizzy and dull but even your scalp needs extra TLC, after all, it’s an extension of the skin. Using a scalp scrub once or twice a week smoothens your scalp and cleanses it perfectly.

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