6 Tips To Take Flawless Selfies Ft. Alia Bhatt

Instagram/Alia Bhatt

​Given the social media crazy world that we live in, selfies have become a part of our daily routine. But if you don't know the 'it' tricks to click the perfect selfie, it may not be Insta-worthy enough to post.

​One of the actors who has been acing the selfie game on Instagram is mom-to-be Alia Bhatt. Here are some tips on how to take the perfect selfie like Alia.

​1. Know your best angles

​We all have a better profile. Can be the left side for you, while the right for us. Find your best angle and make sure you take a lot of selfies.

​2. Natural lighting FTW!

​Who needs artificial lights when there's nature and its beautiful lighting! Sunlight makes your skin glow and adds an amazing tint - Alia swears by it. Be careful though, too much sunlight can add shadows to the picture.

​3. Pump up the background

​Whether you are clicking a selfie at the park or in the pool, try to find an interesting background and club it with your best angle and expression.

​4. Pout is passe!

​Smile if you feel like, keep a serious face, or make goofy faces - keep your expressions natural and bid adieu to the once popular duck face. Let your followers know how you really felt while taking that selfie.

​5. Give mirror selfies a chance

​An occasional mirror selfie can be a treat too. It can help you flaunt a new outfit or accessory, or just give a break from the usual portrait size frame.

​6. Add props and pets

​Books, flowers, pet or your hands - you can pose with just about everything, just be confident and ensure the lighting is right. These can help you highlight parts of your face. In this case, Alia's mesmerising, confident eyes.

​So there you have it: tips to take the best selfies straight from Alia Bhatt's Instagram profile. It's time to take and share that Insta-worthy selfie now.

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