6 Unbelievable Locales In Philippines For The Adventurer In You


​Looking for an exotic vacation with unreal sights and sounds? Then head to the Philippines. With unbelievable natural wonders, above and below waters—it is an adventurer’s dream come true.

​1. Deep sea diving in Malapascua Island

​If you’re a deep sea diver, then Malapascua is the place to go. You can swim with the rare thresher shark at the Monad Shoal dive site.

​2. Snorkelling at Balicasag Reef

​Shoals of clownfish and jackfish, turtles call the Philippines’ Balicasag Reef their home. Snorkel in the brilliant blue waters to marvel at the colourful and vibrant underwater life.

​3. Underground river at Puerto Princesa

​A UNESCO world heritage site the subterranean river in the Philippines is a true natural wonder. The river emerges into the sea after traversing a distance in a maze of limestone caves.

​4. Active volcano at Mount Mayon

​Known for its perfect symmetry, the active Mount Mayon volcano of the Philippines is yet another natural wonder. There have been more than 30 eruptions recorded since 1616, the last one being in 2018.

​5. Kawasan falls, Badian

​One of the Philippines' most Instagrammable spots is this waterfall in Cebu. The trio of waterfalls is famous for its clear turquoise water and lagoons.

​6. Pico Osmeña , Badian

​A little distance away from the Kawasan falls lies Pico Osmeña or Osmena Peak. A pleasant hike up the hills takes you to the peak from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Cebu, Philippines.

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