6 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Highway Dreams On Zee Zest

Zee Zest

​Zee Zest’s newest offering Highway Dreams is here and it promises to treat you to a Tamil Odyssey.

​It features food historian and TV host Rakesh Raghunathan on a road trip across namma Tamil Nadu to discover and rediscover its splendid highways, culture, personalities, and much more.

​Tap ahead to know six reasons why you can’t miss Highway Dreams on Zee Zest.

​1. Virtual Road Trip

​Say hello to armchair escapism! It is your best chance to tour some of the most famous highways in Tamil Nadu and look around as per your convenience, for as long as you please.

​2. Tamil Nadu In A New Light

​The small and big towns of Tamil Nadu hold beautiful secrets that are worth knowing about. We’ve done all the research for you.

​3. Culture Trip

​You get to explore Mahabalipuram and the architectural marvels it boasts of, understanding the French way of life in Pondicherry, and so many more culturally-rich experiences await you.

​4. Adventure

​Snorkeling in the holy waters of Rameshwaram, surfing at the Covelong, and camping by this beach – a few of the many activities to motivate the adrenaline junkie in you to plan a trip.

​5. Food

​Learn about the rich heritage and cuisines of the local communities of Tamil Nadu. Ever experienced the grandiosity of the Nagarthars and Chettiars’ way of living?

​6. Amazing personalities

​From Murthy Meghavan, a surf instructor who works towards empowering the children of fisherman to influence growth, to Arun Vasu, who has adopted a fishing village in Kovalam, meet several inspiring personalities and learn about their work.

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