6 Limited Edition Pens For The Writer In You

William Penn

​If you still write without pulling out your gadget, you deserve to be applauded. Here are six exclusive writing instruments to celebrate just that.

​1. Sailor

​Sailor’s ‘Om Shri GaneshayNamah’ edition blends the rich traditions and cultures of two ancient civilisations. The handcrafted ebonite pen features a 21k solid gold KOP nib and the limited-edition series contains only 108 pieces that have been personally signed by the Japanese artist and master craftsman, Isana Kobayashi. Priced at Rs 1.95 lakh.

​2. Noblia

​Noblia’s latest series, conceptualised in Hong Kong, also pays tribute to Lord Ganesha. The solid brass pens, adorned with images of the deity and inlaid Swarovski elements, feature 24k gold-plated medium nibs. The pens are available in three variants - gold (23k gold-plated), rose gold (23k rose-gold plated) and silver (silver-plated). Priced at Rs 78,000.

​3. Sheaffer

​Sheaffer Centennial 9213 Sterling Silver Limited Edition Fountain Pen tells the story of the first Sheaffer factory in Fort Madison, with images of the founding family, Walter and Craig Sheaffer. There are only 516 of these pens made, the significance of the number 516 being the official date of incorporation. It’s probably sold out everywhere, so good luck finding it. Priced at Rs 2.5 lakh.

​4. Fisher Space

​The AG7 Astronaut Titanium Nitride Ballpoint pen celebrates the 50th anniversary of its iconic “astronaut” pen aboard NASA’s historic Apollo 7 Mission in October 1968. The design of the Original Astronaut Pen has not changed in 50 years, and the pen that’s sold today is exactly the same as the ones used by astronauts Walter Marty Schirra Jr., Donn F. Eisele, and Walter Cunningham. Priced at Rs 44,500.

​5. Visconti

​Visconti has created a pen inspired by the culture of West Asia in which agarwood is a much-loved fragrance used in every household. There are only 388 of these limited-edition pens made in sterling silver and 38 pens in 18K pink gold. Priced at Rs 3.65 lakh.

​6. CaranD’Ache

​The Swiss CaranD’Ache limited edition Balaji foundation pen has only 108 pieces out there, a reference to the 108 different names to Lord Balaji. It’s rhodium-coated with an 18K gold medium nib and the body of the pen is finished in matte black lacquer. Priced at Rs 7.5 lakh.

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