5 Times Masaba Gupta Taught Us About Body Positivity

Instagram/Masaba Gupta

​Designer Masaba Gupta has always been vocal about her body image issues. Today on her birthday, let’s take a look at times when she proved to be the ultimate torchbearer of body positivity.

​In 2017, she shared how she has suffered terrible acne and weight problems for 14 years. She wrote, “There were days I would refuse to leave home without putting powder on my face and refused to put any lights on in the room. I’ve had men tell me they want to throw up when they see my face.” In the same post, she urged, “Collect your scars and build them into something beautiful.”

​Recently, when a troll commented on her looks, Masaba replied, “That’s cute. Let’s be clear, being in any industry has to do with talent. Crazy hard work. Wild discipline. Yes? Yes. As for my face, that’s just a pretty bonus (as is my mind that is as sharp as a knife & your bullshit wouldn’t get past it even if you tried).”

​In an interview with 'Cosmopolitan', talking about body-shaming in Bollywood, she said, “Accepting yourself can take years, even decades! And no matter how many conversations we have about inclusivity and body positivity, I know for a fact that even in Bollywood, top roles are still reserved for only some and not the others.”

​In 2020, Masaba opened up about facing racism as a child. In an interview with Barkha Dutt on her 'Mojo Story', “A friend of mine brought up the colour of my skin every time I asked her about what to wear, what subject to study or what sport I should play. You need a certain amount of grit and resolve to power through those moments.”

​The designer is known for supporting inclusive fashion. In 2021, her post of a plus-size Bangladeshi model Sobia Ameen wearing a stunning green coloured co-ord set from her collection, earned massive plaudits from netizens.

​This year in August, the designer launched LoveChild by Masaba, a cosmo-wellness brand which is designed to cater to the Indian skin, is more embracive and celebrates inclusivity in the truest sense.

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