5 Simple Ways Sameera Reddy Practices Self-Love

Instagram/Sameera Reddy

​In a candid chat with Zee Zest, Sameera Reddy shared five simple ways in which she practices self-love.

​1. Opinion

​ "Everyone has an opinion, let it be theirs, you don’t have to take it," says the actor.

​2. Make peace with yourself

​What has also worked for Sameera is standing in front of the mirror after a bath and look at all the parts of your body, especially those parts that make you feel uncomfortable.

​3. Deal head-on

​The words that upset you the most, deal with them and let them go, the actor suggests since it has worked for her.

​4. Love Yourself

​You need to tell yourself to love yourself, and make that a habit over time.

​5. Choose your tribe wisely

​Avoid people who pull you down. Have the right kind of people around you.

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