5 Common Skincare Mistakes To Avoid In 2023


​It may not seem much right now, but these common skincare mistakes may be ruining your skin. Trust Dr Madhuri Agarwal, an aesthetic dermatologist, to help you better your skincare habits this year.

​1. Follow trends

​The most essential and not just common mistake to avoid is to stop falling prey to every new trend that is promoted on social media platforms.

​2. Say no to self-medication

​Do not self-medicate, especially oral medications such as isotretinoin or topical products, as they may lead to hazardous effects.

​3. Nothing is instant

​Don't fall for products and treatments that guarantee 'instant' results. According to the expert, there is no such thing as 'instant'. Your skin takes 21 days to replenish itself naturally so skincare will take time to show results.

​4. Home remedies

​Dr Madhuri suggests you avoid home remedies since the food items available may be adulterated, and may not work for your skin.

​5. Forgetting sunscreen

​"A sunscreen for Indian skin is equivalent to medication for someone with chronic illness," says the expert. Hence, it is suggested that you diligently apply it every day, regardless of the season.

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