4 Easy Ideas To Use Chocolate For Skincare


​Everyone loves a piece or two of chocolate as it instantly elevates your mood. The mood-enhancing quality of chocolate comes from serotonin, an antidepressant that improves your mood.

​But did you know that it can also prove to be good for your skin when applied topically?

​From lip balm to scrub, here are five ways to incorporate chocolate in your skincare.

​1. Chocolate soap

​Get your hands on organic chocolate soaps, as the caffeine in the product will help fight the pollution that your skin is exposed to every day.

​2. Chocolate scrub

​A scrub containing cocoa powder can be a good add-on to your skincare routine. And you can follow up it up with cocoa butter and sunscreen to stay protected all through the day.

​3. Chocolate face mask

​Use a double boiler to heat a cube or two of dark chocolate. Add an egg yolk or honey to it after it cools down. Mix well and apply this to your face for 20 minutes.

​4. Lip balm

​All you need is two teaspoons of beeswax, a teaspoon of cocoa powder, 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, and a few drops of peppermint oil (optional). Learn how to make it in the next slide.

​Make DIY lip balm

​Melt the beeswax in the microwave, remove it and then stir in the rest of the ingredients. Pour into a bowl, let it set and start using it on your chapped, dry lips.

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