10 Rom-Com Movies To Watch On Netflix

Netflix India

​Netflix is a haven for people who love romantic comedies. From ‘A Perfect Pairing’ to ‘Wedding Season’, here’s a list of our favourite rom-coms on Netflix. These will make you sob, laugh, and root for love – all at once!

​1. Look Both Ways

​This romantic comedy revolves around the life of a pregnant woman, who is confronted with a situation that splits her life in two.

​2. A Perfect Pairing

​A Los Angeles-based wine executive travels to an Australian sheep farm for a potential deal and ends up falling in love with this mysterious farm hand.

​3. Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between

​They decide to break up before college, but when the time came, one final date as a couple makes them rethink their decision.

​4. Wedding Season

​Their parents want them to find a life partner, but they don’t want to. So they devise a plan and pretend to date through the wedding season. Soon after, they fall in love.

​5. Love & Gelato

​Set in Italy, this rom-com is based on the bestselling novel by author Jenna Evans Welch. It focuses on a girl's personal transformation and her journey to finding love, among other things.

​6. Love In The Villa

​After a breakup, a young woman takes a trip to Verona, Italy. The circumstances are such that she must share a villa with a charming executive. Romance is in the air, but does it brew between these two?

​7. Crazy Rich Asians

​A lot of surprises await a New York University economics professor as she accompanies her boyfriend to his home country, Singapore, to attend a wedding and meet his family. It’s the perfect escapist fantasy.

​8. Falling Inn Love

​A San Francisco executive wins an inn in New Zealand and decides to shift there temporarily to remodel it. A handsome local contractor helps her with the repairs but soon things go awry.

​9. Holidate

​Two strangers who agree to be each other’s platonic plus-ones, after being single on holidays for a very long time. But things take a turn when they end up catching feelings for each other.

​10. The Notebook

​A classic rom-com set in the 1940s, ‘The Notebook’ is about two young lovers who get separated due to war and class differences. This is an adaptation of author Nicholas Sparks’ bestselling novel.

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